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Its amazing how companies find ways to rip people off all the while acting as if they are giving you a fair deal. I’ve used 1 800 contacts for over a decade but not any more.

When you order, you save per lens if you order a year or 2 versus 3 or 6 months. Makes sense. And the company will assure you that if your prescription or brand changes you don’t need to worry because you can get a full credit for unused lenses. That’s not true as I learned today.

I had over a pack of unused lenses in a brand that I no longer use. That’s over a box of lenses and a box of theses sells for around $60.00. So I should be getting a credit of approximately $70.00. But when I called today, instead of the approximately $10.00 per lens, I should get, I would get about $2.50 per lens.

The sales person quickly rattled off the figures for the new lenses and the credit but I stopped her because it wasn’t making sense. When I asked her to explain, she told me that when I ordered the lenses I am returning, I only laid out a small amount of cash because at that time, I also traded back other lenses with a different Rx, and they based their “credit” on the cash laid out at the time. Well, yes I only paid that much cash because I was returning a bunch of lenses! In other words, you aren’t really getting a credit anywhere near of what you paid so that if your prescription changes or you want to change brands, you are not getting a full credit and actually losing a lot of money.

This is deceptive and I was really taken aback by this policy. Why would I send back 7 perfectly good lenses and only get a credit of $16.00? Just a very cursory look online showed me that their prices are not very good anymore, so that I would do better just throwing the old lenses in the garbage and shopping elsewhere.

Its sleazy what they are doing. Deceptive and probably illegal.

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Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Thanks for the info I just ordered and actually found a lower price for my right lens and had to mention it to the rep it was a big difference so I got refunded but I should not have to tell them they should price compare and offer the same or lower rates at 1 800 contacts. I'm looking for a better option. Good luck

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